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Created in 2021, Astravent is a new distillery in Normandy.
Rooted in the natural landscape a stone’s throw from the Alabaster Coast, this small business creates spirits that are shaped by the stunning surroundings and unique character of our region.
With our determination to do things differently, saving energy and using ethical ingredients are integral to our production process. Slow distillation and local ingredients are combined to create a range of delicate and innovative spirits.
Working with copper pot stills, the distillation process is monitored at every stage to capture the “heart” of each cycle, which is the most desirable part of the distillate.

Address : 300 Allée des Colimaçons 76400 MANIQUERVILLE


E-mail : thierry.louis.b@gmail.com

visit : 4€.
Free for children under 18 years old

The Guestcard Advantage : 3€ per visit instead of 4€.

Opening hours : Out of school holidays - Thursday and Friday 9am-12pm / 2pm-7pm
During school holidays - Tuesday to Friday 9am-12pm / 2pm-7pm + visit at 11am.

Pets welcome : yes

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