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Tips on Bach flowers

Tips on Bach flowers
Crédit : ©Mme BIROTCrédit : ©Mme BIROTCrédit : ©Mme BIROT

I offer individual support for adults and children with a natural solution. Bach flower remedies - named after Edward Bach (a doctor) - restore balance within our emotions, which are sometimes subjected to a tremendous ordeal! They are floral elixirs without any contraindications, so we can all benefit from them: babies, children, teenagers, parents, grand-parents... It is a precious tool that is still little-known! Contact me for more information!

Address : 24 Rue de l'Église 76540 LIMPIVILLE

06 77 96 99 25

E-mail : birotpauline@yahoo.fr

45 € (1 h)

Opening hours : - Consultations in Lillebonne on Thursdays, at the Maison des Sens
- Monday to Friday in Goderville, at the Nichoir Coworking
- Monday to Saturday at your home

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